A journey to become intelligent on an industrial scale requires steady focus. Finally, Cosmosupplylab is on its way to embrace all three elements of a true creator. Most recently, Cosmo has released products that embody soft, hard and intelligent elements.

Adding smart hardware came as a natural progression of capabilities for the company. It  marks the next step in our evolution. – Jerker Berthou, CEO

With a solid foundation in soft and hard materials, the next step was mastering the fusion of the three elements. This means incorporating fabrics, plastics, and electronics. Bonding all three requires an elevated approach, in addition to an understanding of how to make the complex seem simple.

As a result, the Cosmo team is well on its way to becoming a bridge between the soft, hard and smart world. Every day the Cosmo team strive to deliver a feeling of effortlessness and seamless invisibility.