The essentials

Designing intelligently is not easy. Before creating a new product prototype, multiple factors have to be taken into consideration. We will not cover all, but what we consider the most essential.

Simplicity is key

Intelligent design is not about how minimalistic the final product looks. It is about how it is easy and natural it is to use. Intelligent design leads with instinct, where the user does not have to question how it works. Intelligent design is seamless and sensory.

“Only well-executed objects can be beautiful,”

Beauty is skin deep

Beauty is indeed an essential part of good design. However, the design is not about simply making a product beautiful. Great design is useful and delightful. “Only well-executed objects can be beautiful,” Dieter Rams says in his 10 Principles of Design.

Be intentional

Just as beauty means little without substance, it has to mean something. If a product exists without a problem to solve, it is a useless product. Before starting a new product sketch, it has to have a purpose. A purpose is what gives products life.

“A purpose is what gives products life.”

In a world where people are becoming increasingly visually intelligent, more individuals crave beautiful, intentional and intuitive things. It is easy to create beautiful designs, but not easy to design intelligently.