Nostalgia and mindfulness

It is important for production houses to keep a constant eye out for design trends and even better, to become part of the conversation. Recently, Cosmosupplylab, therefore, hosted a Trendtalk by WGSN. WGSN is a world-renowned fashion and design trend forecasting platform.

Francis Wong, the EVP of Creative Direction and Production at WGSN, talked about how the past becomes the future. Francis highlighted how the past influences contemporary culture. And how the creative industry is selectively harnessing nostalgia and cherished memories of our youth. Clear examples were visually presented to the audience. In addition, he talked extensively about the evolving trend of mindfulness in design. 

In addition, he talked extensively about the evolving trend of mindfulness in design. There is a growing emphasis on harmony with nature in mainstream culture. 

How to remain relevant?

“At Cosmosupplylab we industrialize design intent. Materializing our client’s design vision is our central premise. It is the foundation of our value-added service to our customers” Jerker Berthou, CEO of Cosmosupplylab, emphasized. “For us to create our client’s design vision, we need to keep an eye out for relevant trends.”

“At Cosmosupplylab we industrialize design intent. It is our central premise.”

After the Trend Talk, Cosmosupplylab invited all attendees for a private tour of the headquarter in Hong Kong. The event included an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes at the Venn Design Reactor studio and prototype lab. The Venn Design Studio is widely believed to include the largest privately owned prototype lab in Hong Kong.

Looking to connect?

“First of all, we feel it is important to connect with the creative community to remain relevant in the conversation. Secondly, without looking towards what is moving beyond the horizon, remaining agile is hard.” noted Sebastian Bujnoch, Manager of Strategic Business Development at Cosmosupplylab.

Finally, if you are a creative magician, a tech genie or a hardware hacker looking for collaboration, get in touch with us. Sometimes the stars align.