The innovative invasion

The RISE conference is held each year in Hong Kong, gathering all the best and brightest minds in the region. Four days packed with activities and networking.

A permanent spot

Cosmosupplylab attended in force and we made sure to secure a permanent spot. The inspiration for our booth came from our new headquarter in Kwai Fong.

At Cosmosupplylab, we collect inspiration materials from all over the world into a gigantic material library. The library makes it easier for our product designers and developers to get inspiration and it often ensures easier sourcing of correct raw material.

Rise panels and competition

Rise offers a unique opportunity to meet and listen to industry leaders, thinkers, and entrepreneurs. We attended several of the lectures, panels and start-up competitions. It was great to see the energy and the quality of discussions going on. Listening to others and engaging in a dialogue has its benefits. It gets you thinking in a different way or introduces angels you might not have thought of before.

We especially enjoyed seeing so many young people competing, taking part and trying out for the first time. Today’s youth has all the potential to succeed, especially when starting out so young, testing their abilities and pushing themselves to the limit.

Tailored advice

“You always have to ask yourself; How far can your idea go?”

The CEO of Cosmosupplylab, Jerker Berthou, attended Rise and volunteered in guiding up-and-coming talent in their pursuits. He met with 4 startup founders to listen to their pitch and their journey. “Their ideas were quite bright, whereas they differed quite widely in how far they had developed their ideas.” Jerker said. “It is always important to think about scale-up and expansion, even in the very beginning. You always have to ask yourself; How far can your idea go?”

Cosmosupplylab took its first steps in Hong Kong almost two decades ago. It is therefore inspiring to see all the options that now are available for entrepreneurs, which did not exist before.

RISE is a prime example of a growing focus and interest in the field. Attendee numbers go up every year and it would not surprise us to see a growing number of young entrepreneurs over the next years.